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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Why Ghost Owl Samurai?

Before diving into the spirit and the codes of a warrior, let me be very clear that there is a historical and modern difference between most warriors and the idealism of what it means to be a warrior. If all warriors followed the codes, there never would have been a library of books that have been written over the centuries admonishing warriors on the meaning of the code that they are to follow. 

Furthermore, it should be acknowledged that there is a difference between being a warrior and being a noble warrior—a knight, a dog soldier, a samurai, or any such type of noble warrior in your culture. This is the plan for this blog, to write about following the path of the noble warrior—what it meant in the past, what it means today, and what it may mean tomorrow, especially in a world that outwardly seems to have become jagged and distrustful of such codes and where it is impossible to walk without tripping over someone’s personal agenda.

What is my agenda? It is transparent. The name of this site was carefully chosen. It is made up of three words—Ghost, Owl, and Samurai. The first word is Ghost and is a salute to the movie Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai. In the movie, the character Ghost Dog is a man who pursues the Bushido (the way of the Noble Warrior) as it is explained in Hagakure, written by Yamamoto Tsunetomo.

The second word is Owl. It is a symbol of mystery, piercing the veil of illusion, wisdom, war, art, the bringer of luck, protector from suffering. The owl is my personal symbol and spirit guide.
The third word, Samurai, is to reference following the way of the Bushido.

With this blog, I will be exploring and sharing my life of following the code and the characters I create in the new stories I am writing as I relaunch my author career after having to put it on hiatus.   

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